Tech Mahindra.

UI / UX Solutions Design.

Responsible for the upgrade and maintenance of an internally developed vendor agnostic network Element Management System (EMS) on par with Cisco Prime.

This application gives Network Assurance Teams and Regional Engineers the ability to manage individual network system devices (routers, switches, etc.) or perform any number of maintenance tasks (and more) in a batch processing manner.

Responsible for creating and maintaining internal content repositories.

Created new functionality within EMS applications as requested by external owners, including but not limited to adding new device series for monitoring, upgrading device health check functionality, and designing all front end screens for the entire application.

Maintained content and data for well over 20,000 separate internet/intranet devices within these custom EMS applications.

Responsible for creating front end UI templates in React for document management back end structures.

Responsible for implementing front—end updates by applying HTML, CSS and Javascript code / React JS, enabling replicated front—end visual designs in a PHP—based environment. Created code to consume and parse Python responses. Responsible for all maintenance across all browsers.