Senior Technology Leadership.

Responsible for facilitating interfacing between internal Technology groups and other Internet technologies capabilities for front—end and back—end site development, integration, maintenance, and overall site health/integrity across various web applications, ranging from minor copy updates to full-scale redesigns and site migrations. Enabled Digitas’ Technology Solutions Group to support various clients’ business initiatives in Database Management & Measurement, Content Management, and Internet Solutions initiatives in a 24/7 capacity. Frequently responsible for the direct coding application of these initiatives. Used various industry standard tracking tools and software to monitor metrics such as Web Trends and Google Analytics.

Coordinated communication between Digitas and various email vendors in order to create, support and otherwise maintain various consumer—facing and professionally oriented email communications, from initial inception (including design concepts, wireframes, copy content, etc.) to actual deployment. Involved in vendor selection and management processes.

Understanding of software engineering, web development and standards development methodologies and techniques (e.g. Data Modeling, Quality Assurance, Use Case Analysis, Deployment Techniques, Web Development Guidelines, etc.) used to initiate, create and support proprietary Digitas processes, including leading internal discussions regarding business processes, enabling technologies or functional insights and recommendations as well as using expert knowledge of QA techniques to regularly contribute to the QA process and requirements via familiarity with unit testing, code review, integration testing, and user acceptance testing techniques and methodologies.

Responsible for ensuring the look and feel, as well as periodic redesigns/updates of the sites across various browsers. This was done simultaneously on both PC and Mac platforms.